TERMAEXIM owns a modern material basis, performance machines and equipment that allow us to carry out a wide range of services at the highest standard and is specialized in:

  • sanitary and heating installation works and natural gas installations, mounting, repairing of steam – generating stations, repairing of lifting mechanic installations and under pressure;
  • installing industrial machines and equipment;
  • manufacturing of metallic constructions and components of the metallic parts;
  • manufacturing recipients, containers and other similar products made of steel;
  • repairing items made of metal.
Services TERMAEXIM could provide
  • modernization works regarding steam – generating and sanitary stations and installations;
  • mounting mechanic installations under pressure (boilers, recipients, ducts etc.)
  • mounting lifting installations;
  • production of subunits boilers (economizers, super heaters, air pre heaters, vaporizers, radiations and convection surfaces);
  • different metallic products;
  • repairing, adjustment and verification when turning on – turning off the safety valves;
  • inspection of mechanic installations under pressure;
  • execution, verification and inspection work on natural gas installations which work with low pressure or with 6 bar, type EDI.

These activities have
the following in mind

  • Maintain and improve the Quality Management and Environment System and the Occupational safety and health;
  • Meets the clients’ present and future needs by presenting them high quality products and services, produced also bearing in mind protecting the health of our employees and the environment;
  • The permanent improvement of the quality of our products and services, as well as the performances regarding the environment and the occupational health and safety;
  • Transform decisions into facts, according to the law and the regulations in force, as well as respecting other laws which society has adopted regarding the environment, health and safety at work and regarding the products and services furnished;
  • Promote performance, ecological and safe technologies;
  • Reduce material losses as a way of saving financial and material resources and as a way of preventing ecological risks;
  • Reduce the amount of waste from its own activities and efficient and ecological development of the disposable waste;
  • Make aware and motivate the whole personnel, on all levels, in order to actively participate;
  • Develop mutual favorable relations with our clients, demanding them and encouraging them to raise the qualitative and ecological standard and without risks regarding the produces.