About us

S.C. TERMAEXIM S.A. is a company with private capital founded in Galati, in 1991. Its main areas of activity are installation works and repairing of lifting mechanic installations and under pressure, mounting works of technical and sanitary installations and steam - generating stations, mounting of thermo energetic installations, installations specific to the metallurgic and chemical industry, mounting works for the use of fuel installations.

For the past 21 years, TERMAEXIM has set oneself as one of the most important leaders within the area it activates in. Our exigency in performing with professionalism our works, the exigency shown by our experienced employees, as well as the quality of our works played an important part regarding our progress.

The range of works that we propose and the variety of services we perform have earned our company an important number of clients, among which the most important companies pertaining to the metallurgic, chemical, energetic and construction materials industry.

Brief presentation

TERMAEXIM was founded in 1991 under the form of a limited liability company following the initiative of a group of engineers, foremen and specialized workers who part of the former G.S.M.C. Vulcan Bucuresti (Construction Site for mounting water boilers), the branch from Galati.

In 1995, the company changed its juridical entity; it changed from a limited liability company into a joint-stock company. Right from the beginning, TERMAEXIM has performed works specific to its area of activity for different beneficiaries from three counties (Galati, Braila, Tulcea) and not only. Among our beneficiaries, there are: S.C. INFOR S.A. Galati, S.C. TREFO S.A. Galati, S.C. ZAHARUL S.A. Liesti, S.C. DUNACOR S.A. Braila, S.C. CELHART S.A. Braila, S.C. LUKOIL S.A. Bucuresti, S.C. BRAILACT S.A. Braila, ROMSILVA Galati, SN CFR Regionala Galati etc.

The most important amount of work was performed on the platform ArcelorMittal S.A. Galati (SIDEX) and consisted in investment works (turnkey of steam - generation stations), main repairing regarding steam boilers, heat transformers, repairing of the main gas, steam and water networks, of the different installations as well as the mounting of metallic works.

Throughout the years, our company has performed the following activities:
  • Environment protection works - electric filters and filter bags;
  • Transporters;
  • Crushers and screens;
  • Waste heat recovery boilers;
  • Regeneration boilers;
  • Repairing of the equipment from the aluminum industry (annealing recipients, autoclaves);
  • Repairing of equipment belonging to the iron and steel industry.
Once the company was certified to perform works in the area of natural gases, the company also added to its activity mounting and repairing of methane gas installations, coke gas, blast - furnace gas.

The company disposes of an office building, facilities, means of transport, workshop dully equipped in order to make the pieces for different metallic works, measuring and monitoring devices, communication and telecommunication devices, computation equipment necessary for performing activities due to meet the clients request, from the design to the turnkey of the works to the qualified personnel: mechanic fitters, mounters, I.S.C.I.R. certified welders, electricians, engineers, technicians, foremen and financial and accounting personnel.

The workshop is equipped with bending machines, argon-welding machines, drilling machine, lathe, etc. and it is most of all specialized in manufacturing subunits of the steam boilers (economizers, vaporizers, due ducts, super heaters, back rooms, membrane walls, holders, tubing for air and gas used for the mounting activity).

TERMAEXIM holds I.S.C.I.R. and A.N.R.E. certifications and its management is provided by engineers with over 30 years of rich professional experience and backed up by a team of well-trained experts (foremen, technicians, workers etc.).

S.C. TERMAEXIM S.A. develops business relations with different foreign well-known companies specializing in similar activities; among these companies there are the following: Bipromet Poland (electric filters and filter bags), Ingemas Spain (steam - generating stations used for biomass combustion), Hamworty England (combustion installations).

The variety of activities enables us to be able, at present, to perform capital and repair works regarding the equipment from the energetic, chemical, iron and steel industry and the industry of material constructions, chalk and cement plants.


We aim at further improving our quality, environment, health and security performances of the work by allocating the necessary resources in order to implement, maintain and improve the system of integrated management.


Our company's objectives are formulated on the basis of well - defined principles such as:
  • Make the employees of the company aware of the importance of meeting the clients demands, as well as the legal and regulation demands;
  • Permanent improvement of the Quality Management and Environment System, Occupational safety and health as well as performances regarding the environment and Occupational safety and health.
  • Pollution prevention;
  • Meet the legal requirements regarding other applicable requirements the company has subscribed to, regarding environment aspects and occupational safety and health risks.
More than that, all our company's employees are proactive when it comes to apply these policies in order to improve the quality of life, business relations and the quality of the environment of occupational safety and health.